33 Easy DIY Deodorant Recipes

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Chapter 1:

Danger! Harmful Chemicals in Commercials Deodorants A lot of people are reluctant to give up their synthetic, store-bought deodorants for a natural alternative. “But it comes in such a pretty pink can!” “No, I love this one, it smells so good—just like perfume.” “So what if it’s bad for me? I like it.” I hear these kinds of careless statements all the time coming from the mouths of true store-bought deodorant addicts. In this chapter, we’ll go over all of the reasons that you should go for the natural alternatives. By the end of this chapter, you will surely be convinced.

Nasty Ingredients and Problems Believe it or not, there are tons of harmful ingredients in almost all the deodorants you see at the store. Some of these are chemicals and toxins that can easily penetrate the skin and enter your bloodstream within a matter of minutes, which is frightening to say the least. If you are someone that is attempting to become healthier by eating more vegetables and fruits, cutting down on fast foods, exercising more often, etc. then your deodorant choices might just be counteracting these healthy choices because of how unhealthy they are. If you apply deodorant immediately after exfoliating or shaving your body, then the risks that you encounter will be even worse.

When you shave or exfoliate, you temporarily have these tiny openings in your skin which allow the chemicals in the deodorant to instantly penetrate the skin without any delay. This is pretty much the worst thing you could possibly do for your body. Let’s briefly go over a few of the worst chemicals in popular deodorants. Parabens are one of the worst ingredients in store bought deodorants.

Even the deodorants that are labelled as being ‘natural’ contain ingredients such as methyl paraben, propyl paraben, ethyl paraben and the like. According to a lot of experts, parabens can cause cancerous tumors. Since the underarms (which is where most people apply their deodorant) is an area that is dangerously close to the chest, you are putting yourself at risk of breast cancer every time you use deodorants with parabens. Another very common ingredient in deodorants is aluminum. We all know what aluminum is—we use it in the form of aluminum foil all the time. However, when it’s present in your deodorants, it isn’t quite as harmless. Aluminum has been proven to speed up the development of Alzheimer’s disease—something that I’m sure everyone wishes to avoid.

Some deodorant brands will even sneakily disguise it in their ingredients list by writing ‘alum’ instead of aluminum, which tricks people into thinking it is something completely different. Even compounds that contain aluminum in addition to other chemicals are harmful, which makes almost all store-bought deodorants a no-no.

Triclosan is yet another very common deodorant ingredient to watch out for. While it is an antibacterial agent, it is usually contaminated with dioxin (according to research) which makes it a carcinogen.

For those of you that don’t know, carcinogens are cancer causing compounds. Triclosan is a substance that passes into the bloodstream with ease and then settles in your body fat, where it can impact your hormone balance in a negative way, and can be an endocrine disruptor. That should convince anyone to stay away from deodorants that you see at the store—even the ones that claim to be all-natural. The next harmful ingredient is one that most people do not even realize is harmful. It’s an ingredient that is present in the majority of skincare products, including deodorants: Fragrance. The truth is, whenever you see the word ‘fragrance’ in the ingredients list of a product, you should be on your guard.

Even if the fragrance source sounds like a natural one, you can’t know for sure what methods were used to extract that fragrance. Many fragrance ingredients in deodorants are known to cause hormone disruption and severe allergic reactions after being consistently used for a certain period of time. Sodium lauryl sulfate is another harsh ingredient used in many deodorants. In fact, it’s such a nasty ingredient that it’s even been banned in Europe. It’s a proven skin irritant, as well as a possible carcinogen—that’s enough to make it an ingredient to be avoided at all cost. If that wasn’t bad enough, it can cause dermatitis, eczema, damage to the eyes, kidneys and liver.

Now, as a last minute reminder, you should also take note of some of the other reasons why commercial deodorant is a no-no. One of the issues is that the deodorants have is the fact that they block your sweat from coming out of your pores. While some people might see that as a good thing, it really isn’t at all. When you sweat, your body releases all of the harmful toxins that have the potential to cause damage if they remain in your body. In addition to this, sweating is what regulates your body temperature.

If you don’t sweat, then your body is more likely to become overheated, causing fatigue and possibly dizziness or shortness of breath.  Another issue that should convince you to go for homemade deodorants that a lot of the so-called ‘natural’ deodorants at health food stores will make use of highly deceptive marketing techniques in order to trick you into believing that their products are not bad for your health. For example, to try and convince you that their products are free of aluminum, companies will state that their deodorant is free of aluminum chloride.

When you check their ingredients, though, you will see that they have listed some other aluminum compound, which defeats the purpose of excluding aluminum chloride! To prevent being tricked by the marketing industry with these kinds of statements, using your own recipes is truly the best choice. You know exactly what is in it, and how much of each ingredient is in it, plus it’s easy and cheap!

The last problem with store bought deodorants is that most of them are ineffective at controlling odors. Even if they do help in that aspect, it isn’t likely to last more than a couple of hours—and no one has time to reapply deodorant a dozen times a day. In the next chapter, we’ll discuss some important knowledge regarding homemade deodorants in greater detail.

Chapter 2:

Homemade Deodorants and Antiperspirants Now that you are educated about the harms of commercial deodorants, you need not begin panicking about how you are going to control unwanted body odor. Thankfully, there are lots and lots of safe, natural alternatives that can help you to control unwanted smells and excessive sweating in a manner that will not harm the health of your body. In this chapter, we will discuss the benefits of homemade deodorants, as well as the different types, the method by which you can create them and lots more.


Author Alexis Young
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