Homeless to Billionaire: The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction

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In Homeless to Billionaire: The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity, Andres Pira presents 18 principles for attracting wealth, creating opportunity, and celebrating self-discovery.
Inspired by his own massive life changes, Pira details his business journey from homeless and unemployed to telemarketer to a Thai baht billionaire. Using the principles developed by mentors including Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor, Pira put their guidance into action. Innovating along the way and leveraging his own experiences with employees and clients; through failure and success, his 18 Principles were forged. Uncanny wisdom from this millennial adventurer-turned-businessman is blended with proven research and case studies into powerful lessons.

“Do whatever it is you want to do in life. Be whomever you want to be. Go wherever you want to go. Have whatever it is you want to have right now,” urges Pira.

The book is part autobiography, part success workbook, and 100% life lessons as Pira details how to move from fear to inspiration, competitiveness to domination, and student to mentor in business. His call to action is for readers to live their legacy every day.

“I really enjoyed Homeless To Billionaire. It’s a valuable work on wealth-creation that also reads like a thrilling adventure story. Take the time to visit the world of Andres Pira; you’ll be richly rewarded for it.”
Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Author of The Big Leap

“This book shares an inspiring, miraculous story that’s a must read! It’s packed full of golden nuggets and proven wealth principles to help you create your own miracle!”
Debbie Allen
International Speaker & Bestselling Author of
The Highly Paid Expert and Success Is EASY


Whatever the mind of a man can conceive, it can achieve. —Napoleon Hill


Think and Grow Rich Does this apply to the secret to riches? Can you really change your life from survival to success by changing your mind? Is it possible to create your opportunities? People are always asking me whether Law of Attraction, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, and other books about success principles really work the way they are written. In short, the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes. This book, Homeless to Billionaire, proves it. It’s how a man morphs from a life of destitution in a strange land to becoming a billionaire on his own. Not a millionaire. Not a multimillionaire. A billionaire. I first met Andres Pira in 2017 when I agreed to speak at his first live seminar in Thailand. Homeless at the age of twenty, sleeping on the beaches of Thailand, starving, frustrated, and angry at his situation, Andres had no idea that in the lowest moment of his life he would find salvation. As fate would have it, someone gave him a copy of the book, The Secret. While his success didn’t happen overnight, today he runs nineteen companies, has more than two hundred employees, and is the largest real estate developer in southern Thailand. He continues to apply what he learned in The Secret to see more prominent and more significant results. He has only just begun.


Even though I was there to appear at his live event with other guest speakers, I convinced him to go on stage for the first time in his life and share his survival-to-success story. Then, I convinced him to write down the eighteen principles he used to achieve his success. Next, I asked if I could help him write his story into a book. He agreed. You are holding this book right now. At thirty-six, he was almost half my age, but we both had many things in common. I, too, was once homeless, struggling through poverty for more than ten years. I went from nothing to something, from unpublished to published, to even appearing in a movie, which led to more accomplishments than I can list here. But I still knew there was much more to learn from him. I wanted to know exactly what he had discovered on his journey from the lonely beaches he lived on when homeless to the incredible luxury beach resorts that he now builds all over the world.


I’m pretty sure you want to know what these discoveries are, too. Andres is an inspiration to us all. Let me tell you a story that Andres would not tell you himself; it’s a lesson in love and gratitude and why you should strive to be wealthy, too. Early in 2018, Andres’s mother became terminally ill. His mother sacrificed for Andres her entire life, and ultimately was the person who freed Andres’s tortured soul by permitting him to fail. Learning that she was ill, Andres dropped everything to be with her. Flying her from Sweden to Bangkok, he secured the best medical care and made sure to surround her with people whom she loved.


Her illness was aggressive and doctors warned that she had very little time left to live. She made two dying requests. First, she wanted the family together. The second request was that she wanted to die in Sweden, the country that became her home for many years. Andres instantly started making phone calls. He hired a private jet. Andres retained a life support team of doctors and nurses to fly with her and some to stay with her in Sweden.


He spared no expense to honor his mother’s last requests, even bringing his sisters and brother from Sweden to Thailand to be by her bedside. As a family, they spent four weeks, every day, with their mom. He then flew her to Sweden where she died as she had asked. When you read his story, you will understand why this was something that Andres had to do for his mother. His ability to provide for her, in the end, was a significant experience honoring his mother’s impact on his life. What I took from this story that made me cry when he told it to me was that love and gratitude are freeing. Being able to give these gifts to his mother was priceless. The ability for him to pull such extraordinary measures to make this happen, of course, came from his wealth.


The story of his mother is an example of how money is neutral, not good or bad. It is how you choose to use it that makes all the difference. Wealth affords the option to do the extraordinary. I encourage you to learn from his wealth attraction principles. As you read this book, keep in mind what I genuinely believe and like to say: “Expect miracles.” —Dr. Joe Vitale Dr. Joe Vitale is a contributor to The Secret.




You have probably already heard the wealth principles I’m about to outline. You’ll read them and think to yourself, “Oh, I know this.” Or perhaps you’ve never read about these principles before, and you’ll dismiss them as common sense. Both are fine reactions.


I learned the hard way that knowledge is not what gets us what we want in life—it is putting that knowledge into action. You’re about to learn how to put eighteen principles into practice with clarity and ease to unlock your full potential and obtain the accomplishments you desire. These principles for attracting wealth took me years to thoroughly learn. As you’ll read, I didn’t start life as a billionaire. I was lucky to see my eighteenth birthday. At one of my lowest points, I discovered the power of knowledge through a book. By studying, learning, and putting into action the knowledge I’ve acquired from many books, I turned my “survival lifestyle” into one of abundance and possibility. The results I experienced were nothing short of amazing. I was humbled. I am grateful.


Maybe you’re a skeptic when it comes to the Law of Attraction and manifestation, especially in business. After all, millions worldwide have read motivational books, and not everyone has been able to see results as I have. The difference lies in taking a specific action. You are reading a business book crafted from the journey of self-discovery. The principles I used for wealth attraction and creating unlimited opportunity in my business were inspired by the massive change I experienced using them in my personal life. The reason my story resonates with people all over the world, as well as world-class speakers like Dr. Joe Vitale, is that these principles are not theory, they are the result of years of study, trial and error, and being disciplined enough to be open to the results.


As a successful businessman, I can tell you that applying these principles to your business will generate results, and I hope that sharing them through my personal story will show you how they can be highly effective in your own life as well. Your past cannot be altered. The future is yours to shape in any way you imagine. Many of the teachings in this book were learned from books and mentors. Most have been documented for centuries and many in recent clinical research studies. Others I discovered while developing my companies over the years. I’ve combined them into the eighteen principles that I now have seen proven over and over again through action and results. They are a combination of twenty-plus years of my thirst for knowledge and understanding mined from seminars I’ve attended to one-on-one conversations I’ve been privileged to have with some of the world’s top success experts. What I have done is modify this knowledge to fit into my modern-day life and business. I’ve distilled the information and added to it. Most importantly, I have lived what I teach. I’ve distilled it to eighteen principles.


Each is designed to create opportunity and attract abundant wealth. It might be a little awkward at first, but trust and be patient. You’ll quickly come to realize how easy each of the principles is to apply. Don’t become overwhelmed by trying to put all eighteen into action right away. As you read, it will become clear which ones you can implement right away while others may take longer to incorporate. Each principle has a unique value. I’ve spent a decade with some of the most successful people in the world who implement these same principles. Now, it’s your turn. In the end, you may discount it all. I welcome your correspondence on such claims.


I will laugh because that’s what I thought when I first began my journey. Trying to debunk that knowledge led me to live a life most only dream about. I challenge you! Go ahead, prove my eighteen principles wrong. I can’t wait to hear how they have changed your life forever too. Most people dream of great achievements; very few wake up and fulfill them.



Author Andres Pira , Joe Vitale
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