How to Make Sh*t Happen

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Is your daily life chaotic and out of control?

Do you struggle with work/life balance?

Does it feel like there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish all your goals?

Does it feel like no matter how hard you try it’s never good enough?

Are you looking for a simple yet executable roadmap to create the life you’ve always desired?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need…


“Core 4 has brought order to chaos. Every time I veer off from it, the shit storms appear” – Ed Eisenbeck


“CORE 4 has opened up my mind more than anything I have done in my life. It has shown me that I control my time, my relationships, my body, business, and altogether my life. I’m no longer just along for the ride. In any aspect of life.” – Bryan Hooley

Forward *** Life ain’t easy. Nothing about it is. Whoever
tells you to just “hope,” or to “think positive thoughts,” and things will work
out, I can guarantee hasn’t accomplished shit. Around every corner, we see and
hear a thousand “successful” people selling every way to “get rich quick,” or,
“fix your problems overnight,” but where do we hear, “Get rich FOR SURE,” or,
“fix your problems FOR SURE?” Nowhere, except from a select few. Why? Because
selling hard ass work for a long ass time is not as profitable a venture as
selling fast cash & overnight success.

 Life takes work.
Business takes work. Marriage takes work. Being in shape takes work. And most
days it takes a fucking TON of work.
HARD WORK! *** When Sean and I met on social media I knew he believed
& understood this. I saw him with his kids, I saw him with his business and
clients, I knew this guy got it the way I got it. After meeting him, hanging
out with him, shooting guns with him and having our share of whiskeys together,
I knew Sean not only believed what he preached, but he fucking lived it.

 In a world of
talkers, Sean is a doer. In a world of sensitive flowers who want things handed
to them, Sean is stepping up and doing the work.

 This book is simple.
The message is simple. That’s why I like it. There is no bullshit here. If you
do the things in this book you will make shit happen. I’m not saying you will
make millions overnight, but this book is a recipe for success in any area of
life.  It will take A LOT of work on your
part. Daily commitment to daily action. Rituals and work every single day. How
is that a bad thing? That’s the fun part. The part you’ll look back on in 20
years and proud of!

 I went from sleeping
on a piss stained mattress in the back of my first supplement store to driving
Lamborghinis and doing whatever the fuck I want…when I want…with who I
want.  I did it by working my ass off and
building habits of success. I did it by doing exactly what Sean talks about in
this book. Working hard but working SMART. Doing simple shit every day, not
trying to hit a home run every time.

 I did it by creating
a plan, writing that shit down, being a good person, asking lots of questions,
learning from my mistakes, surrounding myself with great people, exiting
relationships that no longer aligned with me, taking care of my body and my
relationships, and working my fucking ass off.

 Do the shit in this
book.  Not tomorrow, not next week, not
when your dog tells you to, or when shit gets easier or you when you have more
time because that’ll never happen.

 What you do TODAY…

 What you eat TODAY…

 How you train

 The investments you
make in yourself TODAY…

 …will all shape the
person you are tomorrow, next week, next year & for the rest of your life.

 Use this tool.

 Or don’t.

 The world needs fry
cooks too.

 -Andy Frisella  1st Phorm Founder and CEO Introduction *** I
was juggling bowling balls. I remember not too long before I burned my entire
business, marriage, and life to the ground feeling like I was juggling bowling
balls. Feeling like I was doing everything I could just to keep my head above
water, to keep the wife and kids happy, and to keep my 170+ employees excited
and motivated to keep making millions. I remember waking up day after day
looking in the mirror saying, “ok mother fucker, make today your bitch!” Sure,
I listened to all the rah rah rah stuff online.  I listened to the
motivational talks; I bought planners and cool apps to keep me organized.

I had personal assistants, a personnel admin for my
business, managers, managers for the managers, but every day was CHAOS.
I felt like I was working 100 hours a day but never really getting ahead.
Yeah, we were making a ton of money, and on the surface, everything was
kosher, but behind the scenes, there were some serious problems.   I had
some serious fucking problems. I had built this life, business, and family. But
it was absolute CHAOS. Imagine putting your head in the blender and turning it
on. It was kinda like that. I had all the shit you were supposed to have as a
successful entrepreneur, but as the saying goes, I was burning the candle at
both ends.   I’d take the family to Disneyland, but I’d be on my
blackberry (old school I know) the entire time.  

 I’d be at the office
and put in a 20-hour day but would still feel like I was not getting ahead and
needed to be home or with the kids. I had houses, vacation houses, vacations, a
ski boat, cars and all the other crap that costs tens of thousands of dollars
each month. CHAOS.   That is the best way
for me to describe my life back then.   It was easy to bullshit everyone
around you with four cars and a Rolex, but my life was fucking CHAOS. I had all
these people in my life that I was “working for” and providing for, but at the
end of it all, something was very wrong.

  I’d show up at the office and would bounce from thing
to thing, meeting to meeting, and have a dozen of my employees come in yapping
with me, all before lunch. Some of this stuff was planned.   Most of it
was not. My wife knew I was not a “home for dinner at 5pm guy” because I was a
business owner. I was an entrepreneur. What we were doing back then was
hustling 20 hours a day for a few years to set up the rest of our lives. Work
hard now so we can have all the fun and enjoy all the money later. Retiring at
30 was the goal. $150,000 a month of passive income was the goal.   We
were on our way when one day it happened.   CHAOS won.   I fucking lost it.   I was losing
millions in bankruptcy because the real estate market crash of 2008 kicked my
ass.   But at the same time, I was making tons of money flipping tax deeds
and foreclosed homes. The REO market was on FIRE, and I was crushing it! I was
in the office hustling; I was traveling the country growing the business; I was
home when I could be home. And I was eating lunch only if I was taking a
client.   Oh, and in between all that cool shit I was dealing with
attorneys and creditors during a very humiliating, multimillion-dollar
bankruptcy. All of this finally took its toll. I quit juggling the bowling
balls, and I walked away from it all. No more business. No more family. No more
magazine covers. One day I met my business partner for breakfast, and I handed
him a single sheet of paper.

On that paper, it simply stated I was turning all my
interest in this multi-million-dollar company over to him and taking nothing in
return. I walked away with nothing. My wife and I divorced. I shut her down
emotionally.   I got rid of all the shit, left the 8,500-square-foot
house, and turned my entire world off. Mid-life crisis. Mental break down. Call
it whatever the fuck you want, I simply quit playing the game.   I quit
juggling the bowling balls.   I shut down emotionally, spiritually, and
physically, and walked away from it all. The weight of everything took its
toll. The life of “success” I had built, the success I had–by the world’s
standards–became too fucking heavy, and juggling everything, and everyone and
all the blah blah blah came to an end. I had officially burned out. *** A lot
of people went through the same shit in 2008. Lots of my buddies and business
partners lost it all. Many of them ended up divorced and broke.

Many of them, to this day, years and years later, still
blame that time for why their life is shit. I had my own personal pity party. I
buried my head in the sand (more like stuck it up my ass). I was VERY angry. I
blamed everyone. I hated and blamed my ex-wife for not supporting me. I blamed
my business partner for not helping more. I blamed my friends for walking away
from me when shit got hard.   I was ANGRY. So angry that one night after
drinking, spewing my bullshit, trying to call my ex-wife only to be hung up on
(not surprised), I put my 9mm in my mouth.

 I laid on my bed with
tears streaming down my face trying to rationalize with myself how it would be
better for my three young kids to grow up without their wrecking ball of a
father.   I had an angel on one shoulder saying how I couldn’t do it
because I was a good guy and just going through a rough spot. I had a different
angel on the other shoulder telling me I was a piece of shit who had ruined all
my employees lives; destroyed a perfectly good marriage, and I was never going
to amount to anything other than a pile of useless shit because I’d lost
millions and burned so many bridges. I’ll never forget the taste of gunpowder
and oil.

  I pray you never experience this. I pray you never
taste that taste.   After a night that took me down the deepest most
terrifying and painful rabbit hole of darkness, I woke up the next morning with
the pistol a few inches from my head, a bottle of whiskey on the nightstand,
and a pit in my stomach. I knew I could not keep going in this direction.

   I was fucking
killing myself. I knew that me banging my head against the wall over and over
with all this anger was simply insane, and never going to get me good results.
I knew bullshitting and lying about how I “was good” every time people asked
was not sustainable. I knew that the pain and frustration were not going to
help me accomplish anything. I knew if I kept going this way one night that gun
was going to go off.

Author Sean Whalen
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